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New York City, New York Jan 24, 2024 ( - Over the past few years, the number of people experiencing mental health issues has increased a lot. And for that reason, Eric North also known as The Happiness Warrior is taking the initiative to bring social change. The prolific persona is trying to provide all the requirements that one needs to overcome any kind of problem. Life is a journey that goes through many phases. It has good phases as well as bad phases. Every human being has to face many challenges in their life. One needs to overcome every challenge that life throws at them. But many times it is seen that people find it difficult to come out of a phase.

In this kind of state, a lot of time people doubt things they deserve and look for less in their life. Anyone can get over any bad situation because they are the only responsible person to make themselves happy. Eric tried to say how certain reactions make an impact on mental health. In addition to that, he has also shown that it is an individuals mindset that helps to grow in life. On the other hand, it is the same thing that can also destroy life. Along with this, many times it is seen that society can demotivate ones life and lead to many mental health issues.

Living life in a chaotic environment can be immensely unhealthy. And for that reason, Eric is educating everyone on how to take care of mental health. One must take care of their mental health to lead a better life. And every individual is the only guardian who can understand their mind better than anyone else. And that is why, it is said that one must have a certain attitude that can look for the source of happiness within themselves. He has also said that one should constantly look for luck that would make them happy instantly.

For a healthy life, taking care of physical health is not sufficient enough. Mental health plays a significant role in everyones life. And that is why, taking care of both physical and mental health is very much important for anyone. Both of them are intertwined with the same wire. And that is why, focusing on mental health is equally needed. There are various moments in life where one needs to stand for themselves. Thus, for this kind of situation, being mentally strong is quite needed.

Eric North is taking the initiative to assist everyone in becoming mentally strong with his excellent programs. He is guiding everyone on how to become mentally strong in an easier manner. Along with that, The Happiness Warrior has said luck can bring much change in ones life and make it much happier. Thus, he has also mentioned various ways to look for luck. This can make one feel joyous and happy instantly. He has suggested how showing up for people can help find luck. People who respect their self, are the ones who get respect from others too. This unique way of looking for luck can be really helpful. And this little initiative can make one happy instantly.

Along with that, one also needs to give complete concentration on their body. One must think that their body is the only priority. Only this way, one would be able to take care of their health and mind at the same time. Building a connection between body and mind is very important to lead a better life. Doing a various exercise and paying more attention to each part of the body can help one to do even more development.

When it comes to keeping mental health well, one should learn to control over their mind. Practicing gratitude can be one of the most helpful in various aspects. Eric is guiding people with these effective methods for a healthy mental state. This innovative practice can help one to find opportunities that would help one to acquire happiness and also growth in their life. This little initiative can play a huge role in finding happiness and leading a better life.

Staying happy is one of the most important things in anyones life and that is why Eric North has come up with his creative innovation The Happiness Warrior. This particular initiative is assisting people to eliminate negativity and fill life with positivity. Therefore, one can reach out to him effortlessly on his website at and get every guidance from him that would lead to a happy life.

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