Pay for your lunch with cryptocurrency in Paris with Payinnov

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Paris, France Dec 13, 2023 ( - Payment in cryptocurrency is becoming more widespread in tourist cities and particularly in restaurants and hotels. Faced with changing consumption patterns, merchants must adapt, this is where Payinnov intervenes with a suitable solution. Instant and secure, cryptocurrency payment becomes a solution in its own right. This is the decision of the manager of Brasserie Le Ponthieu, who now accepts all cryptocurrency payments via the Payinnov solution.

Payinnov, a French fintech company specializing in the publishing of universal and 360° payment solutions, has been deploying its payment solution since November within the Le Ponthieu brasserie located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris at the corner of rue de Ponthieu and Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt. Concretely, the Payinnov solution allows each customer to pay for their consumption in any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for example. All the merchant needs to do is indicate the amount to pay on the Payinnov application. This action will result in the creation of a QR Code. It is then up to the customer to scan the QR Code with their phone to pay for their consumption in the cryptocurrency chosen by the merchant.

My long-standing interest in cryptocurrencies led me to invest in this area, as I am convinced of its potential. Offering this payment alternative to my customers is a consistent approach to their expectations and developments in society. » declares Steven Oberlé, manager of the Le Ponthieu.

This association is part of the joint approach of the two companies to democratize 360° payment and the possibility of being able to spend your cryptocurrency without the intermediary of a bank card.

14% of merchants think that ignoring cryptocurrency payments is outdated. This is why we offer all merchants new payment methods, integrating cryptocurrencies, in order to attract new customers. » adds Nadia Domec, CEO and co-founder of Payinnov.

Being located near the Champs-Élysées, my brasserie attracts an international clientele. I had already received requests from customers expressing interest in this type of payment, but I did not have a suitable solution. During my meeting with the Payinnov team, I understood their approach and understood the solution they were proposing. They introduced me to a payment method that was simple, easy to set up and above all secure. » adds Steven Oberlé, manager of the Le Ponthieu

Wishing to respond to the problems of merchants and crypto-enthusiasts regarding the use of new means of payment, Payinnov is working on the development of bridging solutions between the traditional economy and Web 3, aiming to revitalize the payment sector in the future.


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